Colin Regan

Whether it's a longsword or a Plasma Rifle, Colin has seen much but is still fascinated by the games industry everyday. He loves diving into lore rabbit holes and talking to folks who love games as much as he does

Gotta Go Fast: Sonic Mania Review

“Nope, nope never happened” – @Sonic_Hedgehog about Sonic ’06 Very few video game characters have attained the status of Pop-Culture Icon.  To gain this status, a series must succeed with a combination of both clever marketing strategy and releasing a groundbreaking game.  This creates a foundation of excellence to which subsequent titles must build upon.

Want that Szechuan McNugget sauce?  You may have your chance!

I need that sauce! Rick and Morty’s highly anticipated third season is finally in full swing, but before the premiere of the second episode, McDonald’s did something almost uncharacteristically cool for the largest fast food corporation to do.  They produced 4 bottles of their Szechuan McNugget sauce to close the loop on what has become one of the most prolific pop culture references of the past y...

Overwatch Summer Games 2017 Details Revealed

I haven’t played Overwatch in months, but it may have its hooks in me again with the announcement of the triumphant return of Summer Games.

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