Disney’s Star Wars Land Gets A Name And A Resort

Star Wars comes to Disney in a big way

At the annual D23 Expo, Disney announced some plans for their Star Wars-themed land for the Walt Disney Parks as well as a resort. We finally have a name: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Bob Chapek (Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts) explained that the entire attraction will be a “remote trading port on the edge of wild space” with a definite focus on the word “immersion”.

Immersion in the park is something they’ve hinted at before, but details from D23 Expo reveals how deep it really goes. There are two major rides. One takes place in the hangar bay of a Star Destroyer with the First Order and the other is a co-operative mission on the Millennium Falcon. They are promising the massive scale for the Star Destroyer to be unlike anything they’ve done before.

Make Your Own Adventure!

Depending how you do on the Falcon depends on how Disney Cast members react to you later. You do well on the mission, you get extra Galactic Credits. You bring the ship back smashed up, you might be hearing from a bounty hunter named Harko (He’s a character made for the park) if you happen to head over to the Cantina.

The Cantina’s menu will include Blue Milk, which is confirmed, but there hasn’t been any other word on other drinks guests can get. Music will play and different cast members may show up.

Additionally, Disney has confirmed characters from the Star Wars Universe, including Chewbacca, BB-8, the First Order, and “Rex” (The droid pilot from Star Tours) as the DJ in the Cantina. All of the characters will be joined by a ton more through the attraction, but no more official names were given. (Writer’s Note: If Rex is back, does that mean Paul Reubens will be voicing him again for the Cantina?)

You want more immersion? You got it. The immersion doesn’t stop at Galaxy’s Edge. Disney is also opening up a Star Wars Hotel at their Orlando resort. They’ve kept tight-lipped on too many details, but the entire hotel is “inside” a spaceship, to the point that even the windows in rooms look out into space.

Star Wars Resort 1

The entire thing is fully immersive!

Additionally, every person that works in the hotel (AKA the cast members) will be in constant costume and character. They’re persistent and the “story will touch every single minute of your day”. Guests can (and should) dress up in costumes as well to bring the entire experience full-circle. Disney is promising unique journeys for every person who visits. (Writer’s note: Will the costumes be supplied? If you come with your own costume, like a 501st member, will that be your character?)

Galaxy’s Edge will open in 2019, first at Disneyland in California and then Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort later that year. The Star Wars Hotel, we can assume will be around or after that time, but there’s no official word yet.

Star Wars Resort 3

Also, there’s no word on if guests’ children will be taken from them to be sold into slavery on Tatooine or brought to the Jedi Council be become a Jedi. With Disney’s resources, I assume we’ll never find out, even if it is true.

This story originally appeared on Marooner’s Rock, written by Jesse “Chime” Collins.

Jesse Collins brings a decade of knowledge and experience in the video game industry. In his work, Jesse keeps up-to-date and modern to the best of his ability in the ever-changing industry. Currently in public relations and marketing for indie development video games, Jesse has also been a journalist and editor for several publications in the past. He doesn’t THINK outside of the box, he LIVES outside of it.

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