Want that Szechuan McNugget sauce?  You may have your chance!

I need that sauce!

Rick and Morty’s highly anticipated third season is finally in full swing, but before the premiere of the second episode, McDonald’s did something almost uncharacteristically cool for the largest fast food corporation to do.  They produced 4 bottles of their Szechuan McNugget sauce to close the loop on what has become one of the most prolific pop culture references of the past year.  

Image courtesy of (http://nerdist.com/rick-and-morty-szechuan-sauce-3-ways/)

For the uninitiated, Rick and Morty’s titular protagonist Rick went on an unhinged rant at the end of Season 3’s premiere claiming that his series arc is to obtain the McDonald’s Szechuan McNugget sauce.  The sauce was only available during the marketing campaign for Disney’s 1998 Mulan adaption and faded into obscurity with other promotional items such as the McPizza, the Cheddar Melt, and the appropriately named Big N’ Tasty.  Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like McDonald’s intends on reviving the sauce in their restaurants anytime soon.  If you weren’t one of the three people on this dimension’s Earth to win the twitter contest, you may be out of luck.

Yeah maybe some things are better left in the past…(http://embracedisruption.com/2013/07/09/big-brand-boo-boos-5-consumer-products-that-never-took-off/)

A New Hope emerges…

Well game journalist Rob Workman happens to be one of the lucky few who received a jug of the sauce and is auctioning off the highly sought after bottle.  He’s posted a listing to ebay and YOU can be the owner of this ultra-rare fast food delicacy! (For the right price…)  Workman has set the reserve to $3100.  Current bid is at a whopping $4050 so prepare to pony up.  Workman has stated that he intends to donate a portion of the proceeds to Able Gamers and Extra Life.  

His description in the ebay listing says, “I hold McDonald’s and Chef Mike in the highest respect. I really do. Mike has done an amazing job bringing this back for some lucky people to enjoy and I will do everything in my power to assure that it’s in the hands of someone that will truly enjoy it with a party of people, instead of just letting it rot away on a shelf for all to see.

The auction has lead to a blend of different reactions.  From the usual airing of grievances to the unfortunately predictable death threats as is internet custom.  Heck even a marriage proposal.

Justin Roiland, Co-Creator of the show and voice of both Rick and Morty, even tweeted about the auction.

Taken from twitter @justinroiland

Unfortunately I won’t be able to partake in this once in a lifetime opportunity. It would come to a decision of being able to afford my apartment vs. affording an extravagant McNugget sauce.  But I’d be lying if the temptation isn’t still there.  You can follow Rob on twitter to observe this madness @TheDCD.  

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