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Let’s see who we love the most from Nintendo’s Nindies video!

The Nindies Showcase that ran last February gave us a clear look at how Nintendo intended to utilize their indie developers on the platform. A few days ago, they did it again by showing off twenty upcoming games from the independent sect of the industry in their “Nindies Showcase Summer 2017 video”. We watched the video ourselves and chose our favorites. Check the video out and then see what’s on the top of our play list!

Morphies Law by Cosmoscope GmbH

Jesse “Chime” Collins, Editor in Chief

Morphies Law is so ridiculous that it’d only work as an indie game and I’m A-OK with that. In the game, you have to shoot the other characters like any other third-person shooter. But, depending where you shoot them, you steal some of that body part. Head shots make your head bigger and their heads smaller, etc.

Growing and shrinking parts make for different tactics in the game, including getting in or out of rooms. This will be key to escaping enemies and acquiring new skills based around the misshapen body. Out of all of the Nindies, this game seems like a chaotic shooter with something new and unique and I definitely would love to play it when it comes out this winter.

Poly Bridge by Dry Cactus

Nolan Clemmons, Technical Advisor & Contributor

Poly Bridge is a bridge-building simulation game where players try to create structures that can bear the weight of vehicles crossing over them. Originally released in 2016 for Desktop, Poly Bridge will be a console exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.

Dry Cactus’ simulator allows gamers to unleash their creativity, civil engineering enthusiasm, and understanding of structural physics through a 100+ level campaign and sandbox game modes. Whether you enjoy construction, ships, cars, or the zen-like serenity that comes along with puzzle games, you’ll find Poly Bridge to be a relaxing edition to your collection.

Steam Spy estimates over 500,000 owners of the PC version. It is likely that the Switch announcement on August 30th piqued the interest of would-be customers on Steam.

Golf Story by Sidebar Games

Jess “ManOfManyHats” Brummer, Writer/ Contributor

A new Super Meat Boy? A game that looks like a streamlined version of Diablo, but with Wizards only (Nine Parchments)?  Another NO MORE HEROES?!  There’s a lot to like about this year’s Nindies, so why… WHY am I drawn to the little RPG where the weapon of choice is… golf clubs?  With very little information to go on, still Sidebar Games has meshed retro game art with silly looking cast members, alligators in water traps, an upgrade system, and what appear to be side quests and mini-games.  All about a sport that generally lacks these things.  This is just a combination that is so charming that I can’t help be excited that it comes out so very soon.  I know I’ll be teeing up right away! Golf Story is due out this month, September 2017.

Mulaka by Lienzo

Lucy “yuffiethegreat” Newman, Writer/ Contributor

I’m a sucker for artistic indie games with strong and beautiful stories. Previous favorites included Papa & Yo, Journey, and most recently Never Alone.

Mulaka, created by Game developer Lienzo Studio,  follows the spiritual journey of a Tarahumara native on his way to becoming a Sukurúame or Shaman by fighting mythical creatures that have begun corrupting the land through puzzles and hand-to-hand combat in an environment inspired by real Tarahumara locations in Mexico.

Rich in cultural history the story and legend of the Tarahumara is backed by the Chihuahua Institute of culture and YOREME fund along with Tarahumara leaders and the assistance of poet and cultural expert Enrique Servin to bring the essence of the Tarahumara culture into the game.

Features of the game will also include narration spoken in the Tarahumara language, music unique to the culture and representation of the Tarahumara culture which players will learn as they explore Mulaka’s transformations and physical prowess as they solve puzzles and accomplish battles with various strange mythological creatures.

Scheduled to be released in early 2018, the game will be available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

SteamWorld Dig 2 by Image & Form Games

Kevin “Meksivik” Neville, Writer/ Contributor

SteamWorld Dig 2 from Image & Form Games promises to be a more than worthy followup to its 2013 predecessor. Fans of the “Metroidvania” strain of action and exploration oriented collect-a-thons will have plenty to sink their teeth into this time around. Incorporating all the lessons learned from their last release, SteamWorld Dig 2 promises to be dense with everything that made that original great.

One of the few complaints levied against the original was the short playtime for such an enjoyable game, you had only one randomly generated mine-shaft to explore and one direction to go – down. Image & Form has instead handcrafted a far larger underground environment, lovingly filled with traps and puzzles to test your platforming and upgrade collecting skills. All this combine with a bright, colorful steampunk ascetic that set this game apart from the recent pack of action games claiming that same Metroidvania heritage, and make it seem right at home at Nintendo.

SteamWorld Dig 2 is slated for release on the Nintendo Switch on September 21st for $19.99.

Mom Hid My Game! by Kemco

Ashley “Sugar” Collins, Writer/ Contributor

It might not be immediately clear what the appeal of Mom Hid My Game! is. The art is very simplistic and the game mechanics follow your basic point and click setup. However, for a casual gamer that just wants to relax and kill some time, this game promises to deliver! The design of this Nindies Showcase game follows a room escape style that boasts 50 levels, so there’s a good bit of content here. If you get stuck on a particular puzzle, you can use hints that you acquire by playing a mini card game.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest drawbacks is that there is no replayability and with a little research, it looks like this game is actually free to play on other systems under the title “Hidden My Game by Mom.” There is even a sequel already out that is also free. Looking at the screenshots, it doesn’t appear that the levels are different, though the Switch does give you about 20 added levels. So, if this is your thing and you want to have it on your Switch, I’d say download the free versions by hap Inc. and see if you like it. From there, you can make your own decisions on whether the boast of new levels is worth it.

Joel Cooper, Writer/ Contributor – Mulaka

A minute and a half showcase does not do this potentially incredible game justice. Based on the trailer, Mulaka’s gameplay follows big hit titles, such as Zelda, Okami, and Darksiders, in its focus on environmental puzzle solving and combat to drive the narrative forward.

In this action-adventure game you play as a Sukuruame of the Tarahumara people. Your lands are falling into corruption and the gods who created this world have taken notice. Using a combination of melee combat, magic, and beastly transformations gained from earning the trust of demi-gods, you must fight off the corruption and prove to the gods that your people are worth saving.  

The gameplay, stunning visuals, and an enchanting musical score are more than enough to convince you to play this game. However, Lienzo, the developer of Mulaka, has taken their game design to new heights. They did this by bringing in renowned anthropologists and Tarahumara leaders to ensure the culture is correctly represented throughout every aspect of the game.

With the flood of copy and paste basic indie games on the market, Mulaka is a refreshing combination of novel story telling paired with tried and true gameplay mechanics. Other indie developers should take lessons from Lienzo’s work instead of simply reskinning the same game over and over. If you’re as tired of side scrolling shooters or hack and slash games as I am but still want to support indie developers; then definitely pick this game up when it comes out in 2018, I know I will.

E.J. “EJ39” Cura, Writer/ Contributor – No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back!

One indie Switch game that I’m excited to play is No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back. I have been a long-time fan of the series, having played both games and enjoyed each of them. With the newer assets being utilized in the Unreal 4 engine, I am very eager to see the new graphical and mechanical updates to the franchise, as well as the new story and plot that will come with this entry.

Wulver Blade by Fully Illustrated

Matthew “Default” Flick, Writer/ Contributor

In this day and age, nostalgia seems to be a reoccurring theme, and video games are not immune. There are many titles waiting to be released that embody the feel of classic 2-D side-scrollers. The one that stood out, however, was Wulver Blade. The story line itself is compelling: Based on true events, in A.D. 1200 the Romans had conquered all of southern Great Britain. Your job is to rally the tribes in the North and stop the advancement of the Roman Empire.

As this is a fighting game, blood and gore is shown, and the fighting itself is vicious. The graphics help as well, highlighting incredible detail on the characters and backgrounds that compliment each other. As you walk through various stages such as moonlit woods, villages, and Roman occupied forests, you can see noticeable atmospheric changes between the settings, such as a clear night in the village or fog in the woods, as well as differences between the characters themselves, such as showing different tribal markings on the warriors and different helmets and facial changes in the Romans.

The audio is well done, from the war cries of the tribes to the sounds of swords clashing against each other. The music is well done, having a score that makes the game feel epic and ominous in its scope while showing clear differences between a punch and a sword slash. Overall, Wulver Blade is a title that is sure to leave an awe inspiring impression in players and is a title not to be missed.

Colin Regan, Writer/ Contributor – Golf Story

Out of all the excuses one could have to be drunk in public, Golfing is probably the most socially acceptable. Unfortunately Golf Story has an ‘E’ rating, so it doesn’t look like the most fun aspect of actually going golfing will be present. But they more than make up for it with a unique spin on the isometric, sprite-based RPG genre.

Players will tee off from anywhere on and off multiple courses spanning 8 environments in while experiencing a story with diverse characters. Completing tasks and developing relationships with these characters is a large part of the game, Stardew Valley seems like a big inspiration in visuals and writing.

The Golfing portion of the game itself is quite different from what I have seen in any game. While other series are primarily concerned with simulating the nuance of your swing and avoiding obstacles like sand traps, Golf Story encourages you to hit anything you want.

Hitting into a fire pit will light your ball on fire which you can then hit into a tree to reveal a hidden path, for instance. You will also be able to participate in longest drive tournaments, putt-putt, the traditionally beginner focused wee links, and most importantly: Frisbee Golf! That’s right we now finally have a “Frolf” RPG, I don’t think the world is ready.

Floor Kids by Hololabs

Jillian Mergen, Writer/ Contributor

While my 7-month-old kid’s time on the floor consists mostly of scooting on her stomach trying to grab the dirty diaper I just changed, Floor Kids offers breakdancing and is the only rhythm-based game introduced during the Nindies showcase. What makes me so excited about Floor Kids?

  • It’s a rhythm-based dancing game. Not only are rhythm-based games fun and challenging, but they offer accessibility to the game for anyone who can keep a beat. Furthermore, people who aren’t interested in instruments will find Floor Kids to be a refreshing take on rhythm-based games.
  • The fluid drawings. The sketch-like drawings provide a fluidity of character that not only conveys the constant movement of the characters, but it also allows players to more easily imagine themselves as the characters in the game. Without defined and detailed facial and body features, the drawings in the game do not limit who the characters can represent.
  • The potential for positive representation. A diverse group of people appear to be represented in Floor Kids. This positive representation will allow a wider variety of players to see themselves in the game.

My kid who scoots around on the floor might not be able to break dance quite yet, but I’m excited to play Floor Kids while she’s sleeping!

What games are you most excited about coming to the Nintendo Switch? Sound off below!

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