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The Avengers Project

With 2018 fast approaching, I’d like to bring some attention back to The Avengers Project.

Marvel Entertainment dropped the announcement trailer on January 26th of this year.

Since then, there has been speculation as to what type of game this might be. We won’t have any concrete details until 2018, but I believe that some recent announcements may lead us in the right direction. Until July 15th, many in the community thought that The Avengers Project was going to be a VR Experience and I could understand that. However, I believe that may have changed when Marvel Games announced Powers United VR.

What could this game be?

The disclosure of Powers United VR has, in my mind, put out the fire of The Avengers Project being a VR game. I believe that with the information we now have, coupled with involvement of Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and¬†Eidos Montreal, that we’re likely looking at a third-person action adventure game with role-playing elements. If we look at the games that Square Enix develops, the recent Tomb Raider games by Crystal Dynamics, and the Deus Ex series by Edios Montreal, it makes even more sense. This type of game would be completely and totally in their wheelhouse and something they could really surprise fans with. This type of game, something I believe and hope will be akin to the Batman Arkham series, could really do justice to the source material, which is rich with characters and story.

We can continue to speculate, but until we get an official press release on the game or games, we won’t know for sure. All I do know for certain is that my excitement for this game is just as high now, as it was back on that cold and windy day in January.

What do you think?

Comment below and let me know what you think the Avenger Project may end up being!

Seth Meyer is a Co-Founder of GoldBeard Studios. He's been an avid fan of video games and the culture since he was five years old. He's taken that love and passion to help form GoldBeard, where he hopes to pass this passion on to a new generation. His love of video games is only rivaled by the love for his children and, perhaps, anime.

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